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Our Vision

Bringing people together through Acrobalance

What is acrobalance?


First and foremost, acrobalance ('acro') is a way for two or more people to connect physically, in a way that is respectful, engaging and fun. Acro is all about finding balance with other people and creating dynamic human shapes and flows. The practice of acro has its roots in many previous traditions, including circus, gymnastics, yoga, Thai massage, contact improvisation, theater and more. In our minds, building trust and sensitivity, communicating respectfully and being mindful of our bodies and our abilities, are of primary importance. When these principles take root, the rest follows naturally...

What is Acro-Israel?


Acro-Israel was created in 2010 by Yanai Levor and Avner Hochfeld, with the intention of holding large scale acro events which would strengthen and build the community in Israel. By bringing teachers from abroad and organising the appropriate venues, we have been able to support the tradition of acro in this country. Having excellent instructors and regular training events has proved to be an effective way for people to meet, learn, play and connect. Our goal is to connect people who love acro with teachers who love to teach, creating a safe and encouraging environment in which to develop and have fun.