Acro Tour Bus

May 12-15, 2019

The Acro Tour Bus

Do you want to visit Israel in a unique way?
Do you love doing acro?

If you want to see the famous biblical scenery, explore ancient sites and mingle with other acrobats and yogis from around the world...

Then this is the trip for YOU!


We have put together a 4-day trip full of sight-seeing, socializing and acro. You will board the Acro-Tour-Bus at Tel-Aviv on May 12 (2019) and travel to the most beautiful places in Israel. You will have the benefit of a professional tour-guide (in English) at your disposal, full room and board and a bus-load of acro-friends to play with. Each day will feature an acro lesson with one of our top acro teachers. The bus will arrive at the convention site on May 15th, for a good night's rest before the Israel Acro Convention (which begins the following day). What could be better?

General plan

Day 1: Swimming in the Sea of Galilee, ancient Christian sites, visit a socialist cooperative community - Kibbutz Mishmar Ha'Emek.

Day 2: The beautiful springs of Sachne, then off to Jerusalem to watch the sun set over the Dome of the Rock and socialise with the Jerusalem acro scene

Day 3: Tour of Jerusalem ancient site in the morning, then drive to the Dead Sea…

Day 4: ​Climb up to the top of mount Masada to watch the sunrise and hear the amazing historical story of resistance that happened there 2,000 years ago, unforgettable views, then meet some Beduins in the desert...

For more information 

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  • Accommodation will be indoors, in communal living spaces, in hostel-style conditions. Showers will be available each evening and sleeping mats provided. All you need to bring is a sleeping bag, towel and your personal clothes.

  • Food : three meals a day are provided during the trip. The idea is to eat simple, tasty and healthy, enjoying the local food culture of Israel. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available.

  • Weather: April is usually a great month to travel in Israel. The weather will likely be warm during the day, with cool nights. It could rain, but not heavily. Bring hats and sunscreen, and remember to drink lots of water.

  • A certified medic will accompany the tour-bus. But make sure you have your own travel insurance in place.

160611 Israel Acro 2016 - Jared van Earle-263
12 Israel Acro 2016 - Jared van Earle-45
160611 Israel Acro 2016 - Jared van Earle-255
34 Israel Acro 2016 - Jared van Earle-234
Dead Sea
dead sea acro
dead sea acro izzy2
camilia desert
dead sea acro izzy1
Flag in Jerusalem
Ein Gedi
160611 Israel Acro 2016 - Jared van Earle-253
Adam jump
Shai Adar & Noi